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Eye Emergency Doctor

At The Goldberg Centre in Toronto we understand your schedule may not always allow for proper planning and when something unexpected arises or an emergency occurs, we’ll be right here to try to expedite a visit with one of our Toronto eye doctors. We have worked and continue to work extensively with many patients with ocular trauma and eye emergencies.

We treat various OCULAR EMERGENCIES including..

Eye Emergency Doctor
  • Painful, red eye(s)
  • Injury to your eye(s)
  • Loss or reduction of vision
  • Sudden increase in light sensitivity
  • Flashes of light
  • A dramatic increase in floaters
  • A dark curtain/veil over your field of vision
  • Sudden vision loss
  • Seeing flashing lights
  • New floaters and/or spots occurring in the field of vision
  • Infections
  • Cuts or tears in the eyelid
  • Scratches on the eye
  • Materials caught under the eyelid that you are having trouble removing
  • Chemicals splashed into the eye
  • Protruding or bulging eye
  • Pupils that seem too small, too large, or abnormal in shape
  • Blood in the whites of the eyes

If you have an eye emergency, please follow the instructions below:

  • Contact lenses should not be removed unless the area around the eyes is swelling and medical attention has not arrived yet
  • Dry cotton or sharp instruments like tweezers should not be used on the eye
  • If the eye has been injured, please do not rub or press on it
  • You should not try to remove objects that are embedded in the eyes