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The Story of Avellino DNA Testing

Posted by on 09 May

Doctor, is Laser Vision Correction safe for me?  The story of Avellino DNA Testing You have met your surgeon, who has done a complete clinical examination, together with the tests of the shape and contour of your corneas.  You’re told that you are an excellent candidate.  But are you?

Lasek vs. Lasik

Posted by on 09 Apr

The Safest and most advanced laser eye treatment available is LASEK. LASEK, not to be confused with LASIK, offers an array of advantages over its older less-sophisticated counterpart.

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Mixed Astigmatism News

Posted by on 11 Jan

Question: What is "mixed astigmatism," and if this condition can be treated with LASIK?

Should I have Laser Eye Surgery

Posted by on 19 Feb

People often ask me if they should have Laser Eye Surgery. Laser Eye Surgery has become commonplace North America. Now performed for over 20 years and advertised everywhere, television, radio, newspapers billboards and even bus shelters. Everyone has heard about it.