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Lasek vs. Lasik

Posted by Blog on 09 Apr

The Safest and most advanced laser eye treatment available is LASEK. LASEK, not to be confused with LASIK, offers an array of advantages over its older less-sophisticated counterpart.

Some advantages of LASEK, as compared to LASIK are:

There is no blade with Lasek

Some LASIK procedures require a blade to cut the eye. With LASEK there is NEVER a blade

There is no cut

Even without a blade, most other LASIK procedures must cut the eye with a laser, but with LASEK there is no cut.Meaning there is also no flap that has to be made

Most importantly ALL LASIK procedures have a flap, which never allows for complete healing and are not recommended for anyone subject to high-intensity

athletic activities. Most laser eye surgery complications, despite being very rare, are associated with this flap.

With LASEK there is NO flap, this is the key difference between procedures that make LASEK so much safer.

More People qualify for Lasek

Due to potential flap-related complications, LASIK is not recommended for athletes, fire fighters, or anyone subject to high-intensity activities.

If you have flat, thin corneas, astigmatism, or even just dry eyes, you may have been told you do not qualify for LASIK.

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