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The Story of Avellino DNA Testing

Posted by Blog on 09 May

Doctor, is Laser Vision Correction safe for me?  The story of Avellino DNA Testing

You have met your surgeon, who has done a complete clinical examination, together with the tests of the shape and contour of your corneas.  You’re told that you are an excellent candidate.  But are you?

Estimates of 1 out of 400-800 people may have a genetic tendency to corneal changes later in life which could be made worse by lasering the cornea!  The Avellino DNA test is a screening test for specific genetic defects, with known clinical condition.  It helps the surgeon make insightful, fully informed decisions about each patient’s care.  The test is safe-a swab of the inside of your cheek, results are obtained quickly and it is 100% accurate.

At the Goldberg Centre, we care about your safety and we are the only laser centre in Canada to offer Avellino DNA testing to our patients who are considering Laser Vision Correction.

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