Does laser Vision Correction Hurt

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Hi Dr. Goldberg, does laser vision correction hurt?


By Goldberg Centre

Thanks for your question. This is probably the question which we hear most. Although intuitively, when you hear the word surgery or laser vision correction, or any type of medical procedure for that matter, one often associates them with pain or discomfort. I am happy to let you know that laser vision correction surgery is virtually pain free.

At Goldberg Centre we only perform the Lasek method, not to be confused with the Lasik method because with the Lasek method there is no incision that must be made to your eye.  All we do is lightly brush the cornea of your eye which takes less than a few seconds to remove some of the outer cells to allow the laser to correct your vision.

Following the procedure which takes in total less than 20 minutes you will be asking, is if we even started yet!! You will truly be amazed how painless Lasek is and the only thing you will be asking yourself is why didn’t you do it sooner.

Please call our office today to book your consultation to see if you are a candidate for Lasek. 416-412-4441

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