How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

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Overview: What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery refers to vision correction surgery that reshapes the cornea (front surface of the eye). The surgery is used for treating eye conditions like far-sightedness (hyperopia), near-sightedness (myopia), and astigmatism associated with refractive errors.

When is LASIK Not Recommended? What LASIK Cannot Correct:

LASIK eye surgery may be used for treating several eye conditions, as mentioned above, but it is best suited for myopia or near-sightedness.

Although it can be useful to treat certain visual conditions, the procedure may have a few complications because it is invasive. It involves cutting a flap of the cornea before using a laser to reshape and replace the flap. Since the procedure focuses on the flap, complete healing isn’t guaranteed, making it unsuitable for people like firefighters, athletes, pilots, etc., who engage in activities with a high probability of impact on the eyes.

Luckily, it’s not the only type of laser eye surgery on the market today. There are better, less-expensive options like No-Cut laser eye surgery (pictured below).

Let’s first discuss the cost of LASIK eye surgery before comparing it with No-Cut laser surgery and discussing other aspects.

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

The median price of LASIK eye surgery in Toronto, Canada, is $1,500 to $3,000 per eye1. Cost generally varies depending on several factors:

  • The healthcare provider in question
  • The extent of vision correction required
  • The underlying LASIK technology in use. The latest LASIK technology (such as wavefront technology, which allows more precision) costs more when compared to standard LASIK.
  • Pre-operative and post-operative visits/consultations i.e., cost of aftercare, medication, eyedrops, etc.
  • Special service offers. Discounts can reduce the average cost.

While there are many eye clinics that may offer a price range lower than the above ($1,000 per eye), such pricing is before additional costs. Actual expenditure can increase to over $1,500. The total cost of custom LASIK treatment is considerably higher. A suspiciously low price may very well mean that surgery is via outdated or old LASIK technology and/or treatment will be done by an inexperienced surgeon. We would advise caution and further research if you encounter such prices. 

Which is Better LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery Like No-Cut?

As mentioned, LASIK isn’t the only laser eye surgery. There are better, safer, and more affordable alternatives, like No-Cut laser eye surgery. Here are some basics before comparing the procedure’s pricing with LASIK’s.

Alternative to LASIK Eye Surgery: the No-Cut Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

No-Cut Laser (or Laser Epithelial Keratectomy) is the latest in laser eye surgery. The procedure treats the cornea surface (instead of cutting into it). Here, we don’t use a blade cut or laser cut. Given that the procedure is non-invasive (no cuts on the cornea), it eliminates flap-related complications common with older procedures. This makes it the safest laser vision correction procedure currently.

Another advantage of No-Cut laser eye surgery is that it is suitable for more eye conditions. Unlike LASIK, which is recommended mostly for myopia (near-sightedness), No-Cut laser surgery is perfect for myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

No-Cut laser surgery also works perfectly for people who aren’t ideal candidates for LASIK (among other laser eye procedures) such as those with thin corneas, flat corneas, and/or dry eyes.

LASIK Pricing Vs. No-Cut Laser Eye Surgery Pricing

We know LASIK isn’t cheap, but how does it compare to the No-Cut Laser eye surgery cost? Well, like other procedures, the provider dictates cost, to a large extent.

If you seek No-Cut Laser eye surgery from renowned vision centres in Toronto, like Goldberg Centre, you can expect highly competitive prices with no hidden costs. In fact, reputable practices won’t quote a price until you go for a FREE consultation that uncovers a client’s unique situation. When working with us at Goldberg Centre, you can opt for a free virtual or in-person consultation. We will check your eyes and inform you about your options.  

When you make other considerations, it’s easier to see why No-Cut is more affordable. For instance, you can get financing from leading practices like Goldberg Centre, and there are additional special offers that make the procedure even more economical. With financing, initial costs include admin fees only (if applicable), which can be considerably lower than the minimum cost of LASIK.

Getting No-Cut Eye Surgery in Toronto: A Better, Safer, and More affordable LASIK Alternative

If you find the cost of laser eye surgery (LASIK) to be high, find the procedure too invasive or you’ve been told you aren’t an ideal candidate for LASIK, don’t worry! No-Cut is a better and more economical alternative. You never need to worry about complications of LASIK eye surgery procedures, cost, healing, and more.

If you want to learn more about No-Cut eye surgery, you can get a FREE no-cut laser consultation at Goldberg Centre in Toronto. Get your eyes checked and receive all the relevant No-Cut information you need, including cost and promotions.

Use the No-Cut laser surgery savings calculator to estimate how much you can save from the treatment and get rid of contacts and glasses forever! Goldberg Centre offers FREE non-obligatory consultations.

FAQs About LASIK Eye Surgery

How Long is the LASIK Recovery?

In many cases, LASIK recovery will take months (two to three months). However, the truth is you may never really heal since it’s a flap procedure characterised by a fragile adherence of a corneal flap, which can be common even years after a procedure2.

How Long Does LASIK Surgery Take?

Typical LASIK eye surgeries take less than an hour. However, the procedure timelines can vary on a case-to-case basis with notable variables like the surgeon in question, treatment area, pre/post-surgery procedures, etc.

Why Is LASIK Not Covered by Insurance?

LASIK is considered an elective eye surgery procedure that doesn’t normally enjoy insurance coverage. However, if you have a non-standard insurance plan with vision insurance, you can enjoy discounts or other benefits on eye surgery-related procedures.


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