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LASEK Saving Calculator

Save with LASEK?

People who wear contacts pay for the convenience of not having to deal with glasses. The costs of basic contact lenses and their solution could cost a person hundreds of dollars per year. LASEK can easily pay for itself in few years; yet, that isn’t even the biggest benefit. Nearly everyone who wears contacts knows the struggle of removing them at night and seeing the clock when they wake up in the morning. After LASEK surgery, vision is clear without having to deal with putting in or taking out contacts, losing them, or having them shift during the day.

Wearing glasses is generally less expensive than contact lenses. However, some people will spend nearly $1,000 on a single pair of glasses (or one sunglasses set). Although basic lenses and frames are very affordable, after purchasing designer frames, add-ons to the lenses, and an annual trip to the eye doctor for an exam, the costs quickly add up. Since many people replace their glasses every two to three years, the cost of wearing glasses over a lifetime can certainly be more expensive than the LASEK procedure performed by Dr. Goldberg.

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