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What Is Lasek?

LASEK, or Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis, is Advanced Surface Ablation laser corrective eye surgery. There is NO CUTTING involved. Other procedures like LASIK, “All-Laser-Lasik” or “Bladeless LASIK” all involve creating a flap in the cornea. They all make a cut in the cornea, creating a flap which adheres but never truly heals. LASEK was developed to reduce the chance of flap related complications that can occur with LASIK.

With LASEK, there is NO FLAP. With LASEK there is NO CUTTING. LASEK is a SAFE procedure with much LESS RISK.

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Dr. Chaim Goldberg applies drops to the eye to numb and to prevent infection and inflammation. He then removes the surface cells of the cornea in an elegant fashion using a specialized solution. Then, using the most proven up-to-date excimer laser, he reshapes the cornea. And do not be concerned, if the eye moves, the most proven eye tracker causes the laser to move with the eye! Finally, he fits a temporary contact lens over the eye which is then removed in four days.

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