Does your insurance cover laser eye surgery?

How much does my insurance cover on my no-cut laser eye surgery?

Opting for private insurance to assist with laser eye surgery offers several advantages. Private insurance often covers a substantial portion of the procedure’s cost, making it more financially accessible. By utilizing private insurance for laser eye surgery, individuals can enjoy the advantages of improved vision without bearing the full financial burden, while also accessing high-quality care efficiently and conveniently.

Whether working for the government, union or even a private company you can benefit from using your private benefits to help pay for your laser eye surgery at the Goldberg Centre.

Furthermore, you may enjoy certain member benefits through our PEEP network.

What cannot be corrected with lasik


Insurance coverage

PEEP benefits

PEEP Benefits

Is your company part of our PEEP program?

If you are an employee of the government (federal, provincial or municipal), Faculty at an accredited College or University in Ontario, Union member, work for one of the big 5 banks, student in college or university in Ontario or on the path to becoming a first responder, you might be able to take advantage of addition savings up to 10% off your laser eye surgery.


The success rate is over 99%.

No. Before the procedure, numbing anesthetic drops are placed in the eyes, rendering the surgery itself virtually painless.


Laser vision correction is extremely safe. Less than two percent of cases report minor complications, including over- or under-correction, infection and inflammation. These are treatable in our offices.

The physical results are permanent and statistics show that most patients remain stable after 10 years. However, the eyes can still change with time, and laser corrective surgery does not affect a number of visual conditions associated with age.

Our NO-CUT procedure is an outpatient procedures, which means you’ll spend around an hour at the surgeon’s office and walk out afterwards. Someone else should drive you home, since your vision might be a little blurry right after surgery. The procedure itself is brief and painless. Dr. Goldberg will place anesthetic drops in your eye to eliminate any discomfort. NO-CUT patients typically report little or no discomfort following their treatment. With NO CUT there may be some discomfort. Medication is supplied to relieve any post-operative irritation.

Avoid swimming for one week. After you’ve had NO-CUT, you can resume contact sports typically after 1 week.

NO-CUT patients are seen at our Toronto clinic the day following the procedure and 3 days later. They are asked to attend follow up appointments at 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Our services are unique and our value is unparalleled by other clinics. We are proud to offer the best and safest procedure. While we may not always be the least expensive, we offer competitive pricing with other clinics in Ontario. Though you can more often than not, expect to pay a little less at the Goldberg Centre than other larger clinics.  Our TRANS PRK procedure starts at $1800/eye.

Yes. Most patients choose to have both eyes treated during the same surgery. This is especially convenient for patients visiting from out-of-town.

Yes, we can discuss payment options for the procedure that will have you seeing clearer, faster.

At the time this information was published, OHIP was not covering vision correction.

Many companies have benefits programs that do cover vision correction. Contact your human resources department or insurance provider to find out if you are covered.

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