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Astigmatism Corrective Lasik Surgery

buy provigil amazon Astigmatism is the most common vision problem where vision is affected at all distances. An irregularly shaped cornea or lens causes incoming light rays to focus not on a single point, but on two or more focal points. Individuals with astigmatism may experience vision that is blurry or distorted in the distance, up close or both. Astigmatism can also result in headaches and eyestrain. People of all ages can be affected by this eye condition. Scheduling regular eye exams allows your ophthalmologist to detect astigmatism early.

We correct astigmatism by redirecting the rays of light to focus on the retina.

The excimer laser used by Dr. Chaim Goldberg, the VISX S4, is the most proven laser to treat astigmatism successfully, using advanced technology of”IRIS Registration” and”Eye Tracking”.

We invite you to book a free consultation at our Toronto clinic to discuss your vision correction options.

Astigmatism Corrective Lasik Surgery

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