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Avellino DNA Testing Clinic

Avellino DNA Testing is now available at Goldberg Centre for all LASIK patients. This test is one of the latest technologies making LASIK surgery better and safer than ever.

This test is simple and safe. The test involves a mouth swab to determine whether a person carries a certain GCD gene mutation. The doctor will take 10 swipes inside of each cheek in order to get an adequate sample. The sample is then sent to the Avellino Lab, and results are provided within 24 to 48 hours.

Based on a negative result, patients can proceed with the LASIK procedure as planned. If positive, the patient will be advised not to have LASIK surgery, as well as to minimize exposure to UV light to postpone the progression of GCD symptoms.

Around 1 in 870 patients are found not to be LASIK candidates because of this hereditary condition known as granular corneal dystrophy type II. The Avellino DNA Test adds extra security and helps patients to know every risk when undergoing LASIK surgery. Because of this test, LASIK complications will be even more rare than they are now.

Avellino DNA Test is a cutting edge DNA test that provides fast, safe, and affordable evaluations of patients’ genetic pre-disposition that causes Avellino Corneal Dystrophy – also known as ACD. While ACD usually develops slowly, carriers of this genetic mutation are at an extremely high risk of accelerated opacity formations, should they undergo vision correction surgery. Fortunately the AGDS Test positively identifies with 100 percent accuracy if a person has the genetic condition. This test reduces the risk of patients with the ACD mutation having post-laser vision correction impairment and increases confidence that they are avoiding unnecessary harm to their vision.

If you are considering LASIK surgery, Goldberg Centre encourages you to come in and take the Avellino DNA Test. This test offers more peace of mind to our patients, and we are proud to offer this added safety measure to those considering LASIK.