No-Cut Lasik Vision Correction Surgery

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What Is No-Cut Lasik Vision Correction?

Just as the name implies, the TRANS-EPI No-Cut vision correction procedure requires no cutting and creates no flaps. It is the most modern vision correction procedure of choice, primarily due to the enhanced safety associated with no cutting of the cornea.

If your lifestyle includes sports, or your profession demands freedom from the encumbrance of glasses, or exposes your eyes to potential eye trauma, no cut may be ideal for you.

LASIK eye surgery or Laser vision correction are options that are widely available in Toronto, however we are the only clinic offering NO cut TRANS PRK laser eye surgery in Toronto Ontario.

Why Choose No-Cut Lasik?

Safe and painless

Suitable for people who aren’t candidates for Lasik

Quick recovery

Quick recovery

Longest lasting results

Lasik vs. No-Cut

Why are people choosing No-Cut Lasik over Lasik?

Where Lasik may be fine as a vision correction procedure, No-Cut is modernizing the procedure further to create a safer and painless procedure than Lasik. Where Lasik introduces risk and pain by cutting/flapping No-Cut eliminates both of these.

Safer & painless
Able to help a wider range of patients
including thin corneas
No cut
No cornea flap or associated risks
Able to help a wider spectrum of vision problems
Suitable for higher prescription
Advanced safety tests

We Make It Easy

Your Comprehensive Consultation for No-cut lasik

After your free consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Goldberg who will do a full review of your eyes as part of our procedure package and present you with options

Your procedure

No-Cut is an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll spend around one hour at the Clinic office and walk out afterwards.
You can choose to do your procedure on the day that works best for you
(Monday- Thursday)

Your follow ups

Patient will be seen 24 hours after the procedure by Dr. Goldberg and again 5 days after the procedure. You will have another follow up 1 month and 12 months later. Should you want to see Dr. Goldberg more often than that, we will schedule you in right away.


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Had my No-Cut Surgery done by Dr Goldberg. This is the best investment I made because now I can see better then 20/20.
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I’m so happy that I no longer have to deal with foggy glasses, but also feel so much more confident driving at night and doing regular daily tasks. Thanks Dr. Goldberg and team!
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I recently had my laser eye surgery, all I can say is that it was the best decision! My prescription was very high and after having my laser eye surgery I can see 20/20. It’s the best feeling ever waking up and not having to find my glasses.

I want safe and painless vision, correction!

"I have awesome vision and just passed the requirements I needed for my dream job. I highly recommend coming to the Goldberg Centre if you’re looking for good laser eye surgery."
- Rezwana

Frequently Asked Questions About No-Cut Lasik

The success rate is over 99%.

No. Before the procedure, numbing anesthetic drops are placed in the eyes, rendering the surgery itself virtually painless.


Laser vision correction is extremely safe. Less than two percent of cases report minor complications, including over- or under-correction, infection and inflammation. These are treatable in our offices.

The physical results are permanent and statistics show that most patients remain stable after 10 years. However, the eyes can still change with time, and laser corrective surgery does not affect a number of visual conditions associated with age.

Our NO-CUT procedure is an outpatient procedures, which means you’ll spend around an hour at the surgeon’s office and walk out afterwards. Someone else should drive you home, since your vision might be a little blurry right after surgery. The procedure itself is brief and painless. Dr. Goldberg will place anesthetic drops in your eye to eliminate any discomfort. NO-CUT patients typically report little or no discomfort following their treatment. With NO CUT there may be some discomfort. Medication is supplied to relieve any post-operative irritation.

Avoid swimming for one week. After you’ve had NO-CUT, you can resume contact sports typically after 1 week.

NO-CUT patients are seen at our Toronto clinic the day following the procedure and 3 days later. They are asked to attend follow up appointments at 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Our services are unique and our value is unparalleled by other clinics. We are proud to offer the best and safest procedure. While we may not always be the least expensive, we offer competitive pricing with other clinics in Ontario. Though you can more often than not, expect to pay a little less at the Goldberg Centre than other larger clinics.

Yes. Most patients choose to have both eyes treated during the same surgery. This is especially convenient for patients visiting from out-of-town.

Yes, we can discuss payment options for the procedure that will have you seeing clearer, faster.

At the time this information was published, OHIP was not covering vision correction.

Many companies have benefits programs that do cover vision correction. Contact your human resources department or insurance provider to find out if you are covered.

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