Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

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Discover World's Most Advanced
Laser Vision Correction
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Safe, Painless,
and has all the benefits of LASIK

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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
“I’m so happy that I no longer have to deal with foggy glasses, but also feel so much more confident driving at night and doing regular daily tasks. Thanks Dr. Goldberg and team!”


Safer, Blade-Free TransPRK: Ideal for Everyone, especially those rejected by LASIK or have an active lifestyle

No-Cut Laser Vision Correction – the safest and most advanced way to correct vision. Unlike LASIK or SMILE, No-Cut Laser Vision Correction (TransPRK) doesn’t involve cutting the cornea, making it ideal for almost everyone. If you’ve been rejected for LASIK, lead an active lifestyle or are simply fed up with glasses and contact lenses No-Cut Laser Vision Correction could be the perfect solution for you.  NO-CUT PRK treats myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

Key Benefits:

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
“I have awesome vision and just passed the requirements I needed for my dream job. I highly recommend coming to the Goldberg Centre if you’re looking for good laser eye surgery.”

– Rezwana

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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
“I recently had my laser eye surgery, all I can say is that it was the best decision! My prescription was very high and after having my laser eye surgery I can see 20/20. It’s the best feeling ever waking up and not having to find my glasses.”

– Pooja

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

“Had my No-Cut Surgery done by Dr Goldberg. This is the best investment I made because now I can see better then 20/20.”

– Jeffrey

Frequently Asked Questions

The success rate is over 99%.

No. Before the procedure, numbing anaesthetic drops are placed in the eyes, rendering the surgery itself virtually painless.

Immediately, you can leave without wearing your glasses or contacts!

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
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