Live a Life Free from the Burden of Glasses & Contacts
for only $449 per eye

high definition vision
The Goldberg Centre’s no-cut laser vision correction helps you live a life free of the burden that comes from relying on glasses or contacts.
Our approach means you’re treated by the same surgeon — from initial testing and the procedure itself, to all follow up appointments — ensuring results…and your peace of mind…every step of the way.
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What Our Patients Say ...

“Extremely happy with my decision to get my vision corrected at the Goldberg centre. Dr. Goldberg and his staff are extremely professional, kind and knowledgeable. My vision has never been better and I definitely recommend coming here if you’re serious about having any type of laser eye procedure done.”

Viktor L.

“Amazing experience! Doctor Goldberg made sure I had all the necessary tests done and was compatible for the procedure. It has been 3 months now and my vision just feels amazing! The rest of the staff is amazing as well! Definitely recommend this to all those who want to get rid of their glasses like me 😇

Mubashara A.

“Glad I did not postpone my vision correction any longer – best decision I have ever made! From the initial consultation, to every followup appointment before and after the procedure everything happened so smoothly. Experience the true gift of perfect vision! 10/10”

Praveen S.

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