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Presbyopia Treatment

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is an eye condition that typically becomes apparent for most people in the mid-forties. As you age, the lens of your eye loses its ability to fully focus. You may notice sewing, reading and computer work is more blurry than it was in the past. Even people that are nearsighted notice their vision will blur and their usual distance contact lenses or glasses are not sufficient to correct their vision.


What Causes Presbyopia?

The cause of presbyopia is not clear. It is generally believed to be caused by natural aging resulting in loss of lens flexibility and deteriorating supporting structures of the lens.

What are signs of Presbyopia?

You may first notice signs of presbyopia by holding reading materials further away. Other signs of presbyopia are headaches, eye strain or fatigue during and after detailed work such as reading, sewing or writing.

What is the treatment of Presbyopia?

Ultimately, the treatment of presbyopia is vision aids such as reading glasses. Depending on previous vision needs there may be a requirement for bifocal glasses that offer a more gradual transition from near to far. Always consult a licensed eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment.