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LRI Astigmatism Correction Surgery Procedures

Treating Astigmatism with Lri

Limbus relaxing incisions (LRI) are a modification in the shape of your cornea used to treat astigmatism. Astigmatism is present when the cornea is not perfectly round. As a result, one portion of your eye does not see the same as the other portions. A cornea with astigmatism is shaped more like a football rather than basketball.

The LRI Procedure

LRIs are incisions that are placed on the far outer edge of the cornea (the limbus) resulting in a cornea that is more round, with the aim of improving your uncorrected vision. The procedure can be completed in a few seconds after numbing the eye with anaesthetic drops. There is usually little or no post-operative discomfort.

Is LRI Safe?

The procedure is very safe and is not associated with glare or starburst. The cornea is usually stable within a week, which means your vision should be stable.

LRI for Cataract Patients

Limbal relaxing incisions have gained widespread acceptance amongst cataract surgeons, who often combine the procedure with the cataract operation to reduce pre-existing astigmatism. The incisions can be done as part of cataract surgery or at any time after. This results in better post-operative vision without glasses.

We invite you to consult with Dr. Goldberg to see if LRI is right for you.

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