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Looking to Enroll Your Company?

Our Partnership plan is at NO COST TO THE COMPANY!

Enroll your company and receive a 15% discount for laser vision correction (LASEK) and our medical spa services. You can be assured that your employees will received the best possible treatment with the safest laser vision correction procedure available, LASEK. Read More

Dr. Goldberg has been performing Laser Vision Correction for over 20 years and is pleased to be able to offer LASEK to his patients. LASEK is a laser vision correction procedure that was developed to reduce the chance of flap-related complications that can occur with other procedures. LASEK is the safest and most advanced form of laser vision correction available to date ‑ because it is non-invasive.

What does being non-invasive mean? There is no cut made to the eye with either a blade (as in Lasik) or a cutting laser (as in IntraLase or i-Lasik). There is no flap cut into your eye with LASEK, immediately removing any potential flap complications. When complications arise with Lasik, over 90% are directly related to the flap.

With LASEK, instead of cutting into the integrity of the cornea, Dr. Goldberg treats the surface of the cornea ‑ there is no disruption of the cornea thus eliminating an unnecessary cut to the eye. This is the most advanced way to perform laser vision correction; LASEK is 100% non-cutting and 100% non-invasive ‑ making it the safest laser vision correction available. 

Partners Will Receive

Laser Vision Correction

  • Free consultation
  • Advanced scans and tests unique to the Goldberg Centre
  • Advanced iDesign CustomVue LASEK procedure
  • Lifetime Vision Care Plan
  • Access to our Patient Mentors
  • 1 year of complimentary post-operative care
  • Dr. Goldberg following your progress from the consultation to the surgery and beyond

Medical Spa

  • Free consultations
  • Access to medical grade skin care products
  • Top of the line laser machines for all your skin care needs and for every skin type
  • Experience and friendly staff that can customize the best treatment to suit your individual needs

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