With all the care we put into our practice, including “flap-free” NO-CUT LASER technology and Advanced CustomVue imaging, our pricing is remarkably competitive. We will never advertise low fees and then add charges afterwards. In fact, we won’t name the price until after your free consultation when we know exactly what your unique situation requires.
In any case, compared to a lifetime of purchasing eye glasses or contacts, your savings will be dramatic (use the form below to taste the savings!). All of our procedures come with a Lifetime Plan. Financing is available. Check out our current special offers, and call us to find out how we can get you the best eye care in Toronto as a price you can afford.

All laser eye procedures are not the same.

In fact, laser eye surgery has come a long way from its origins. Today, the state-of-the-art is NO-CUT — the safest, most advanced procedure.
What’s so great about NO-CUT LASER? Unlike the older technology, Lasik, NO-CUT is virtually non-invasive. The older Lasik process cuts a flap from the front of the cornea, uses the laser to reshape the cornea, then replaces the flap. NO-CUT, on the other hand, uses the most advanced excimer laser available to correct your vision without cutting the cornea. That means that the NO-CUT process has no flap.
What’s better about “flap-less”? Most complications from laser eye surgery involve the flap. Flap procedures never allow for complete healing. It’s one reason NO-CUT is highly recommended for athletes, pilots, firefighters, and other patients subject to activities with high possibility of impact to the eye.
And another thing: NO-CUT is available to a wider range of patients than Lasik. People with thinner corneas, higher prescriptions, and other eye conditions may be candidates for NO-CUT even if they’ve been denied Lasik.
With all that, we think NO-CUT is by far the best value in laser eye surgery.

Save with NO-CUT

People who wear contacts pay for the convenience of not having to deal with glasses. The costs of basic contact lenses and their solution could cost a person hundreds of dollars per year. NO-CUT LASER can easily pay for itself in a few years; yet, that isn’t even the biggest benefit. Nearly everyone who wears contacts knows the struggle of removing them at night and NOT seeing the clock when they wake up in the morning. After NO-CUT LASER surgery, vision is clear without having to deal with putting in or taking out contacts, losing them or having them shift during the day.

Wearing glasses is generally less expensive than contact lenses. However, some people will spend nearly $1,000 on a single pair of glasses (or one sunglasses set). Although basic lenses and frames are very affordable, after purchasing designer frames, add-ons to the lenses, and an annual trip to the eye doctor for an exam, the costs quickly add up. Since many people replace their glasses every two to three years, the cost of wearing glasses over a lifetime can certainly be more expensive than the NO-CUT procedure performed by Dr. Goldberg.

Savings Calculator 

Most people replace their glasses every two to three years, so the cost of wearing glasses over a lifetime is way  more expensive than the NO-CUT procedure performed by Dr. Goldberg. Use our NO-CUT Calculator to calculate your own savings.





Financing programs make laser vision correction procedures extremely affordable.


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Corporate Discounts

Preferred Employee Enhancement Plan (PEEP)

Ask our Patient Coordinator if you qualify for our partner discount. Enroll your company and your employees will receive a 15% discount on both Laser Vision correction and our Medical spa services — at no cost to you or your company. .


Laser Vision Correction

Our laser vision correction services include free consultation, Advanced scans and tests unique to the Goldberg Centre, Advanced iDesign CustomVue, Lifetime Vision Care Plan, Access to our Patient Mentors, 1 year of complimentary post-operative care… all with Dr. Goldberg’s expertise and care from start to finish.

NO-CUT eliminates the need for glasses or contacts which will allow for long-term savings on group insurance plans. We are happy to provide information and will work closely with you and your company.

Medical Spa Services

Services include free consultations, Access to medical grade skin care products, Leading laser treatments, Experience medical consultants that can customize the best treatment to suit your, individual needs, and 0% Financing 

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