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LASEK: The Safe and Affordable Solution

Here at the source url Goldberg Centre, we don’t believe in hidden costs. Your eyes are as important to us as they are to you, and we treat our patients with the care they deserve.

Before you make a decision, we understand that you’re going to want to see what else is available. One important thing to know when researching, is to beware of discounted LASIK procedures. These can come with unrealistic qualification criteria and costly hidden fees. At the Goldberg Centre, we don’t lure you with discounts that you can’t qualify for, and there are never any hidden fees.

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Our pricing is extremely competitive, but does vary based on each specific case. Please view our current Special Offers, and Contact Us to discuss pricing details. Compared to a lifetime of purchasing eye glasses or contacts, your savings can be dramatic, and remember that all of our procedures come with a full lifetime guarantee (Disclaimer) included. We have also put together multiple financing options for you, which include plans with Accord D Desjardins, Credit Medical Corporation, and PEEP, the Preferred Employee Enhancement Plan.

It is also critical to understand that not all laser eye procedures are the same, and we recommend doing your research accordingly. At the Goldberg Centre, we offer only the safest, most advanced procedure, LASEK. LASEK, not to be confused with the older technology, LASIK, is a highly sophisticated procedure that uses the most advanced excimer laser available today. Unlike standard LASIK procedures, and even “All-Laser-Lasik” or “Bladeless Lasik,” LASEK not only has no blade or cut, but also has no flap. Flap procedures never allow for complete healing and are not recommended for athletes, pilots, firefighters, and other patients subject to high-intensity activities.

At the Goldberg Centre, using the latest in laser vision correction technology, our LASEK procedures are safer than anything else available, and have a wider range of patients who qualify. We take pride in making sure you are at ease and in the best of hands with our experienced staff.

How much you save with LASEK?

Since many people replace their glasses every two to three years, the cost of wearing glasses over a lifetime can certainly be more expensive than the LASEK procedure performed by Dr. Goldberg.

Now calculate your own savings using our LASEK calculator, then ask yourself… what would you do with your savings?

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  • Going into the surgery, I had a -10 prescription. Currently, my vision is about 20/20

  • Going into the surgery, I had a -10 prescription. Currently, my vision is about 20/20