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People often ask me if they should have Laser Eye Surgery. Laser Eye Surgery has become commonplace in North America. Now performed for over 20 years and advertised everywhere, television, radio, newspapers billboards and even bus shelters. Everyone has heard about it.

But Is Laser Eye Surgery for everyone. Put differently, can everyone have Laser Eye Surgery. Should everyone have Laser Eye Surgery. I like to rephrase this question: Are you a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery.

Firstly, what is Laser Eye Surgery. This is not a trivial question. This is surgery and its performed on perhaps the most delicate organ in the human body. Laser Eye Surgery is commonly understood to be surgery which takes away the need for glasses or contact lenses giving a person 20/20 vision. It is important for someone is interested in having Laser Eye Surgery in order to correct vision, to have a basic understanding of what the surgery is, how is performed, what are the risks, and what are realistic expectations.

The word Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Of Radiation. Currently, the main type Of Laser is an Excimer Laser. Excimer is an acronym for Excited Dimer. This intense precise light is used to reshape the cornea, which is the front of the eye in order to redirect rays of light into sharp focus on the retina at the back of the eye. The laser is computer driven and reshapes the cornea with precision. This is so important because the cornea is approximately a half a millimeter in thickness.

There are 3 basic criteria for candidacy For Laser Vision Correction. And yes not everybody is a candidate. Firstly the prescription must be stable. Secondly, the eye(s) must be healthy. Thirdly, the person must be healthy.

This is where the discussion begins.

What is LASIK? Is this the only type of laser eye surgery? Are all laser is the same? Does it hurt? Is it safe?

I will address these questions and much more and my upcoming blogs.

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