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Wavefront Technology used now in Ophthalmology, was originally created for use in astronomy.  In 1997, the FDA approved Wavefront technology for use in ophthalmology to correct refractive errors of the eye.

Wavefront Analysis maps imperfections of the eye. These imperfections are called aberrations. Lower order aberrations are things like nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. But there are higher-order aberrations, which can affect quality of vision, or other effects like glare, halos and poor night vision.

Wave front analyzers project a wave into the eye and measure the wave, which bounces back onto special sensors.  The data is translated into mathematical formulas called Zernike Polynomials.  These Zernike Polynomials help create a single map, which includes both lower order aberrations like refractive error and higher-order aberrations (for glare, haloes and night vision).  This unified map becomes the basis for designing the laser vision treatment of each eye.

I-Design, used at the Goldberg Centre for Vision Correction, is a significant advance in diagnostic technology. It combines Wavefront Refraction, Wavefront Aberrometry, Corneal Topography, Keratometry and Pupillometry in one device.

It can resolve refractive errors -16.0 D to +12.0 D, with up to 8 D of astigmatism, in increments of 0.16 D.

The I-Design Wavefront Aberrometry has much -increased resolution with high-density of 1257 spots in a 7 mm pupil. This allows calculation of treatment for normal and even highly aberrated corneas to high-end point accuracy.

This advanced I-Design Wavefront device represents a significant improvement in treatment range and accuracy. This means better outcomes, and the ability to offer laser vision correction to a wider range of patients.

Dr. Goldberg has incorporated I-Deign Wavefront Aberrometry and other Advanced Diagnostics unique to the Goldberg Centre to maximize Safety and optimize visual results.

At the Goldberg Centre for Vision Correction our passion is your vision, safe and effective.

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