When can I resume regular activities after laser vision correction?

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Q: When can I resume regular activities after my laser laser vision correction?
A: Patients can resume most activities within 3-5 days after having (NO-CUT) laser vision      correction?
Some general guidelines are as follows….
24 Hours Post Surgery
– Patients are permitted to shower, without the use of soap, and should exercise caution, as not to get water directly in the eyes.
– Although the eyes will be sensitive, watching TV and reading are permitted, in limited amounts, and in-keeping with the patients
   comfort level, and with the use of lubricating drops.
 4-5 days Post Surgery
– Patients are permitted to resume wearing face makeup (eye makeup can resume 1 week post surgery)
– Patients can resume exercises and activities that don’t pose a risk of direct impact to the eyes
  I;e (exercise bike, treadmill, weigh lifting)
– Flying on an airplane (With Dr’s consent)
– Driving (Once 4 day post-operative exam is completed and with Dr’s consent)
 1 Month Post Surgery
– Patients are permitted to resume more high impact activities (With the use of appropriate eye protection)
  such as skiing, swimming, scuba diving, tennis, baseball, basketball, biking, tanning etc.
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