We care for your eyes like you really need them.

When it comes to your eyes, there can be no compromise. That’s why every patient that comes to the Goldberg Centre is treated by Dr. Goldberg himself — from the initial consultation to the final follow-up. That’s also why the Goldberg Centre uses NO-CUT LASEK technology, the newest technique for laser surgery. It is simply the safest, best way to perform laser vision correction.

<strong>One</strong> Doctor All The Way

Personal care by Dr. Goldberg from start to finish is the key to your safety and satisfaction.

<strong>No-Cut</strong> to the cornea

Our NO-CUT procedure is 100% pain-free and is safer for the eyes than the older, more common lasik procedure.

Stress Free, <strong>Safety</strong> first

Your safety comes first, from the first consultation all the way to post surgery care. Goldberg Centre is there for you.


We’ll check your eyes and tell you what your options are.
No cost, no obligation, no hard sell.


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