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Laser Vision Correction & Eye Surgery Clinic

Current advancement in technology paired with our surgeons experience and a non-cutting procedure, we're able to give you your personal best vision, safely! With LASEK, we are able to eliminate all risks associated with creating a flap in the cornea because with LASEK there is NO CUT made to the eye. As added value Advanced CustomVue technology and our Lifetime Guarantee Plan is part of EVERY procedure our gift to you. We are clearly different!

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Chaim Goldberg, MD is a Toronto LASIK eye surgery specialist. If you are one of many Canadians seeking to improve your vision please feel free to contact our Toronto LASIK eye care office. We have LASIK patient counselors that will explain the entire surgical process, provide extensive patient education and even help arrange financing. Goldberg Vision Correction Centre is dedicated to creating a high quality LASIK eye surgery experience for our Toronto area patients. Chaim Goldberg, MD has treated more than 100,000 patients for a wide variety of visual disorders over the past 30 years.

Choosing a Quality Toronto LASIK surgeon

Getting started with LASIK research can be overwhelming! There are so many LASIK websites and so many doctors that perform the surgery it is hard to know where to start. If you are considering Dr. Goldberg for your LASIK eye surgery you can rest assured that you have found a surgeon with credible experience. Dr. Goldberg is a top Toronto LASIK surgeon and has treated over 1000,000 patients. His approach to patient care involves a one on one approach, which means he is personally involved with all aspects of the LASIK process including the pre-operative examinations, surgery and post-operative care.

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Glasses and contacts becoming a hassle? Find out if LASEK is right for you.


We strive for both of these; its our commitment to you.


Our patients are excited to share their life changing experience with you!.

  • Going into the surgery, I had a -10 prescription. Currently, my vision is about 20/20

  • Going into the surgery, I had a -10 prescription. Currently, my vision is about 20/20


The Goldberg Centre is proud to partner with ORBIS Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of blindness. For each "Like" on our Facebook page. The Goldberg Centre will donate $3 to ORBIS.