Am I going to have 20/20 vision?

The success rate is over 99%.

Do the LASEK/LASIK/PRK procedures hurt?

No. Before the procedure, numbing anaesthetic drops are placed in the eyes, rendering the surgery itself virtually painless.

What are the risks involved in PRK/LASIK/LASEK?

Laser vision correction is extremely safe. Less than two percent of cases report minor complications, including over- or under-correction, infection and inflammation. These are treatable in our offices.

How long will my laser vision correction surgery results last?

The physical results are permanent and statistics show that most patients remain stable after 10 years. However, the eyes can still change with time, and laser corrective surgery does not affect a number of visual conditions associated with age.

What can I expect on the day of surgery?

Laser PRK, LASIK and LASEK are all outpatient procedures, which means you’ll spend around an hour at the surgeon’s office and walk out afterwards. Someone else should drive you home, since your vision might be a little blurry right after surgery. The procedure itself is brief and painless. Dr. Goldberg will place anaesthetic drops in your eye to eliminate any discomfort. LASIK and LASEK patients typically report little or no discomfort following their treatment. With PRK there will be some discomfort. Medication is supplied to relieve any post-operative irritation.

When can I return to work or sports?

Avoid swimming for one week. If you’ve had LASIK, avoid contact sports that could result in eye injury for one month. If you’ve had LASEK, you can resume contact sports immediately.

How many visits will I require after surgery?

LASEK patients are seen at our Toronto clinic the day following the procedure and 3 days later. They are asked to attend follow up appointments at 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months. LASIK patients are seen days 1 and 7 postoperatively and then on a similar follow-up schedule to LASEK.

How much does laser vision correction at the Goldberg Centre cost?

The cost ranges from $2000-$2400 per eye. Please contact us for a personal consultation.

Can both eyes be treated at once?

Yes. Most patients choose to have both eyes treated during the same surgery. This is especially convenient for patients visiting from out-of-town.

Does the Goldberg Centre offer payment options?

Yes, we can discuss payment options for the procedure that will have you seeing clearer, faster.

Is vision correction covered under OHIP?

At the time this information was published, OHIP was not covering vision correction.

Is vision correction covered under my benefits plan?

Many companies have benefits programs that do cover vision correction. Contact your human resources department or insurance provider to find out if you are covered.


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