Not all laser vision correction surgery is equal. Most providers use the prevalent, older process called “lasik”. Only one in Toronto doesn’t: The Goldberg Centre. We think you should know why before you choose where you’re going to have your vision corrected.

WHY NO-CUT IS SAFER & BETTER: The traditional laser vision correction procedure, lasik, makes a cut into the cornea, folding back a flap and then treating the eye underneath. (The newer process, SMILE, is just lasik with a smaller flap.) The flap is then replaced and in most cases, heals properly. In most cases. In fact, lasik carries risks to the eye itself, most concerning of which is an uncommon complication in which nerves of the cornea are damaged. You can learn all about it in these alarming videos by Avis Favaro of CTV W5. The first video reveals that most clinics do not disclose the potential for life-altering side effects. The second tells the horrific tale of lasik patient meteorologist Jessica Starr. (also reported on Good Morning America)

Instead of cutting into the cornea, The Goldberg Centre treats the surface of the cornea — we call it “No-Cut LASEK.” The process is painless, minimally invasive, affordable — and carries no risk of these complications.

WHO SHOULD CONSIDER NO-CUT: Advanced No-Cut LASEK is suited for all patients. But people with active lifestyles like athletes, first responders, and members of the armed forces should absolutely choose no-cut correction because the flap in the corner caused by lasik, either by using a blade or all-laser lasik, is the most likely cause of complications — especially with physical injury. But the truth is, everybody who chooses laser vision correction should choose No-Cut LASEK, simply because the results are proven and it has the lowest risk of complications. Another thing — many people who were rejected for lasik surgery are candidates for no-cut LASEK. (Read more about No-Cut LASEK vs lasik here.)

IS NO-CUT LASEK MORE EXPENSIVE? No. Here’s the deal: We will never advertise some crazy offer like $500 per eye because that price isn’t what people are going to pay. Watch the CBC Marketplace bust of a typical lasik provider’s pricing scam. By the time those $500 patients add up all the testing, adjustments for individual vision, and a host of other costs, their final price is usually more than ours. At Goldberg, there are never any hidden fees. When we give you a price, you will pay that price — for everything. Period. And that price is comparable to the older, riskier procedure.,

WHY GOLDBERG: At the Goldberg Centre, all aspects of your treatment — pre-screening, surgery, post-op, and all follow-ups — are performed by Dr. Goldberg himself, one of the most respected eye surgeons in Canada, who has treated more than 100,000 patients over the last 30 years. Dr. Goldberg only offers advanced, No-Cut LASEK, the state-of-the-art of laser vision correction. Schedule a free consultation and get the whole picture.

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